8 Ways to Tell a Grandchild “I Love You”

The only thing that`s better than a child is a grandchild thus, never miss a chance to let them know that you really do love them. Yes, you tell them ‘I love you’ on hugging them goodbye or at the end of a telephone call but it never hurts trying out some unique and creative tactics.

Here, we help you go the extra mile of breaking the verbal cues monotony by trying out the following:

Preparing a personal playlist with their photos
It`s normal for kids to recall a rhythmic compilation and, adding the beats and photographs will not only boost their memory but also leave them high-spirited. To them, it will be a compilation of the decade constantly reminding them of your love for them. All you need to do is get a playlist that reminds you of them, gather their photos (especially those marking key milestones in their life) and use photo grids or similar apps to come up with the personal compilation. If that`s too much work, you can request help from their parents, aunties etc.

Writing it down
When dealing with older kids, this is the tactic to go for. From jotting a simple text, curving it on wood, writing on the chalk drawings, posting it on social platforms to blogging about it together. This iss not only creative but also help you express your sentiments in a more committed manner. Remember, it takes time to write something down, more time than saying it, which leads to a belief that people do mean more what they write than say.

If you decide to go digital (sharing your love for them on social platforms), consider engaging them in monitoring the number of likes, shares, and comments on the post. That will keep them busy while experiencing your love in a special way.

Showing up
Attending your grandchildren important life`s events will do more than just verbally declaring your love for them. Set a time off your daily schedule to show up in their school programs, birthdays, graduations, sports activities etc. This can be planned but going unexpectedly does work magic. Remember to carry a video camera with you so as to capture these special moments. In short, help them make memories regardless of the outcome.

Creating a puzzle
Young ones love solving mysteries and thus can use their nosy character to express your love. Create a puzzle for them to solve. It can be on how to find a special gift with love messages and clues to ease their quest. You can also create a word puzzle and have them circle all the outstanding names of what you love about them. Just be creative and simple as trying too much can spoil the fun.

Establishing some traditions with them
Traditions or some routines are a cool way to get involved in your grandkids` lives. Just institute an outstanding moment with them. This can be on a monthly basis, during holidays or on special days like Christmas, Halloween etc. The list of activities you can do in your alone time with them or alongside their parents is endless. From cooking them their favorite meal to storytelling. Let them know that grandma is always in charge of Christmas Eve dinner, traditional dancing and family presentations etc. That`ll create time for you to physically express your love them.

Spoiling them a little
Grand-kids may be used to following rules in schools or at home but as a grandparent; show love by breaking the monotony. Let them feel the difference that will leave them eager to share awesome moments with you again. Try dangerous with them but cautiously. Note, however, you don`t have to be too lenient with them _point out mistakes occasionally to keep them on track.
Teaching them cool skills
Kiddos are usually inquisitive, nosy and more than willing to learn. Teach them various skills that you`re good at; cooking, cycling, sprinting, surfing etc. Experts claim that children treasure lessons learned from their grannies and can uphold them for life. Again, teaching is the coolest way to express love as you instill knowledge with a caring attitude, especially for outdoor adventures.

Using physical cues
Your kiddos may be used to your ‘I love you’ statement thus take it a notch higher by including hugs, kisses and your attention. Listening to them keenly not only boost their sense of belonging but also magnifies their confidence.

There you have it! A list of ways to tell your grandkids you love them. Remember, a simple gesture is worth more than a billion words. Hug your kiddos, kiss, encourage, spoil, and teach them while keeping your boundaries.